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Some of what we offer

boston terrier

Customized Health Plans

We will provide a complete and comprehensive exam to ensure your pet is healthy from nose to tail!  We will customize your pets health plan to ensure no matter what age they are, they will receive the best care possible. We believe that preventive care is the best care.

boxer puppy

Individual Vaccination Schedules

Vaccines are discussed and provided based on your pet's individual needs and lifestyle. We will discuss all vaccinations with you and decide if they are necessary for you pet's needs.

If you prefer to not vaccinate your pet, we can perform vaccine titers to help with the decision.

Personalized Nutrition Consultation

With lots of food choices these days our team will help you decide what nutritional plan is best for your pet to ensure they live a long and healthy life.   Nutrition is the new prevention!

Advanced Surgical Care

We provide a high standard of care with your pets individual needs in mind. This includes in-house presurgical blood work, state of the art anesthesia monitoring, and effective pain management. both prior to and after surgery.

Dental Care

We provide ultrasonic dental cleanings, radiology, tooth charting and tooth extractions with reconstructions. We will discuss the best dental plan for your pet to ensure it will be safest approach possible for both your young pets and your senior pets, that may need a little extra care.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy, with our Class IV laser will increase blood flow to the area therefore relieving pain, reducing swelling and inflammation and accelerates the healing time. This doctor prescribed, technician driven modality effectively treats a wide variety of conditions pre-surgical, post-surgical, acute and chronic disease states. 

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